Organ Research sites

The links below should help you out in your research.  There are general links that address all the organs together and there are some specific sites for individual organs.  Please make sure that you do NOT copy any information word for word.  All information written down should be rewritten in your own words.

My Body

My Body #2

Inner Body

Body Thinkquest (loads of information)


More info on the Heart

Digestive System

Digestive System #2





Brain #2


Kidneys #2

Pituitary and Thyroid Glands

Bones, Muscles and Joints

Spleen & Lymphatic System

Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

Kid Info - Body Resources

Integumentary System (Skin)

How the Nervous System Interacts with Other Body Systems

Gross & Cool Body - Skeletal System

Gross & Cool Body - The Brain

Gross & Cool Body - The Cardiovascular System

Gross & Cool Body - The Digestive System

Gross & Cool Body - Endocrine System

Gross & Cool Body - Muscular System

Gross & Cool Body - Nervous System

Gross & Cool Body - Respiratory System

Gross & Cool Body - Skin

Gross & Cool Body - Urinary System

The Heart -- An easy-to-read, but descriptive outline of the activities of the heart, can be found here. A basic diagram is also provided.

Kidneys -- A clear, basic diagram, accessible glossary for difficult terms, and an excellent description of the kidneys' activities, can all be found at this site.

The Brain -- A general diagram and description of the brain can be found here.

The Lungs -- An in-depth description of the role of the lungs in the respiratory system is given in this site. A good description of a lung's structure, and a basic diagram are included as well.