About Me


Pedagogical Background

Mrs. Dozois has been teaching for the Waterloo County Board of Education for the past 32 years. Because of her major studies in Music Education and minor studies in Fine Art, she began her teaching career as a Music Specialist, instructing students K-6.  She concurrently taught Kindergarten for 10 years, taught Grade 1/2 and 2/3 split grades, grade 2 for the past 17 years and now Grade 3.  Mrs. Dozois served as the Literacy Resource Coach for the W.R.D.S.B., coaching teachers on effective literacy practises, and worked with the Ministry of Education on Differentiated Instruction initiatives.  She served for five years as Glencairn Public School's Early Literacy Site Co-Ordinator, a system Literacy Mentor and presentor for the WRDSB, a frequent guest speaker for York University's and Ontario Studies in Education's primary qualifications and reading specialist courses. Mrs. Dozois' classroom has been instrumental in reviewing the educational direction of local author, Frank Glew's last six published books. Her classroom has been videotaped to demonstrate excellence in reading instruction for the WRDSB, and has also been solely featured in a system wide instructional video on Writer's Workshop within the primary classroom.  Mrs. Dozois' classroom was chosen by the Ministry of Education to create a DVD for the province of Ontario on Differientiated Instruction, which highlighted supports for the varied learners within a classroom ensuring success for all.


Class Mission Statement

When I think about the principles that guide my teaching, I realize that they are the same principles that guide my belief system throughout my working and personal life.  I want for everyone's children what I want for my own...to be happy, passionate and enriched in their schooling and in their lives.  The teacher role is key to a child's success in developing deeper understanding in all subject areas.  Through careful planning and purposeful instruction, it is my goal to help ensure that all students are critical thinkers who are able to make wise choices about activities, strategies etc., and who believe in their ability to contribute positively to our learning environment.  Gradually releasing responsibility to children as they gain expertise, teaching purposefully with sound pedagogical background, and giving children the gifts of choice, response, community, structure, time and encouragement guide my work and allow me to make thoughtful decisions based on principles I believe in.  

"It is significant to realize that the most creative environments in our 
society are not the ever-changing ones.  The artist's studio, the 
researcher's laboratory, the scholar's library are each deliberately kept 
simple so as to support the complexities of the work-in-progress.  They are 
deliberately kept predictable so the unpredictable can happen."
Lucy Calkins