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Dear Parents:

Please check Google Classroom for our school's virtual Food Bank Fundraiser.

Also, I am in desperate need of several toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes and cracker boxes for our next science unit on structures.  If you can please collect these and send them in in a bag, I will quarantine them and keep them for our unit in January.  Many thanks!


This week in Language, we will be focussing on Writer's Workshop.  Students are completing their story writing and stories are beginning to get published!  Look for these to come home in the new year!

Also as you may or may not have heard, I have been fighting a losing battle when it comes to print.  So many of my students have learned the print formations incorrectly.  This is an issue because children spend an inordinant amount of time "drawing" letters instead of automaticity, letter and print legibility is very poor and I am battling so many reversals in letters and numbers.  If students can't read their thoughts and I can't read their thoughts, there is a problem so I am teaching children how to write cursively.  This way I can encourage development of writing flow, muscle memory and hopefully some legibility.  It also provides me an opportunity to have Grade 3 students learn their last name!  Be sure to ask your child if they can write their last name and address.  This is an important life skill!  



In math, we have left additiion and subtraction with regroupin and are moving on to multiplication.  Our first step this week is representing multiplication through arrays.  All of our skip counting and repeated addition practise has come to this so stay tuned!

Social Studies:

We are quickly coming to the conclusion of our First Nations Peoples unit.  As we conclude this unit, children are going to be creating a unique gameboard.  This presentation will be part of our Media Literacy grade, but also requires that children share some of their learned facts using reward cards and penalty cards. This is a fun way to summarize their learning rather than in a test format!