Energy Project


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Tidal energy:





Hydro Power:

Nuclear Power:,Operation


Fuel Cells:




Project Sheet: 

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Directions: Use the research that you did in the computer lab to complete one of the following projects. Circle the project that you will complete and have your parent or guardian sign this sheet.

This project is due on Wednesday, June 1st.


Create a comic strip illustrating/showing how your energy source works. You should also show the advantages and disadvantages for your energy source. Include whether or not your energy resource is renewable and explain why. The comic strip should be at least 8 frames in length.


Create an educational pamphlet or brochure for your energy resource. Make sure that the brochure includes how your resource works, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether or not your resource is renewable. Your brochure should have 6 columns of information.


Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper explaining why you are for or against your energy resource. Be sure to explain yourself using facts from your research, including advantages and disadvantages and whether or not it’s renewable. Be persuasive! Your letter should include an introductory paragraph, at least two body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.


Write and illustrate a children’s book. Use your research to help

you simplify your energy resource for younger children. You should include how it works, advantages, disadvantages and whether or not it’s renewable. The book should be a minimum of 8 pages, which can include a title page and an “about the author” page (optional).


Write a poem, rap or song describing your energy resource. You should include how it works, advantages, disadvantages and whether or not it’s renewable. The poem should be a minimum of 10 lines.


Projects will be graded on neatness, spelling, accuracy of information, and thoroughness of details.