Helpful Resources

Here are links to some helpful resources for teachers, educators, parents and students:

Website                                               Description:
Teachers Pay Teachers                                                                                                                                            This is a "one stop shop" for teachers and educators of all kinds to download/purchase materials for their classrooms.
Go Noodle A site that has an abundance of vidoes, games and brain breaks that support engagment in the classroom.
Kahoot! The possibilities are endless with this resource! Create your own quiz, or use one of the thousands that are already created for assessments, test prep, exit tickets or as a fun brain break for the kids!
Prodigy Game This is a great at-home resource for students to practice their math fact fluency in a game based format.
XtraMath Another great resource for math fact fluency for students. 


Epic! is a digital library for kids that gives access to all levels of books from different genres. 
TeacherTube Like youtube, but for teachders and students for use in the school environment. A great resource for teachers looking for a new way to lesson plan. Digital plans that you are able to build templates for and roll over into coming weeks.