Buy Poe orbs

Chimera isn't too difficult, if you understand his mechanisms. He only takes a long time to fight, also contains plenty of phases. For the most part he'll only hit you in the face, and the majority of his attacks don't do too much damage.

When you return to 75%, 50%, and 25%, he'll disappear and you've got to deal with little mobs for some time. The only attack he's that is genuinely frightening is his smoke. He'll disappear and you need to run into every smoke cloud until he hits you and then reappears of buy poe orbs . Other than that, he is a breeze.

Phoenix is probably the most simplistic of this bunch, but also very lethal. He has an attack that whirls forwards you have to dodge, otherwise you become a pancake. In addition, he has an insanely strong fire explosion he charges up for before releasing, so steer clear of that. You'll likely want to clear all of them at some stage.

Minotaur is the final of the guardians. He isn't necessarily the toughest, but he does need the most equipment. Every other guardian has a great deal of things to dodge or play around, but not Minotaur. His strongest attack is a burrow.

If you get a lot away from him he will go underground and float towards you. It will kill nearly anyone it hits. Because of this, your very best bet will be essentially just standing in front of him and taking his attacks. It is more of a equipment test than anything. But you should move when he slams the ground and makes a circle of falling stones; you don't want to stand at that.

The first thing which you'll have to determine after opening Path of Exile is that league to combine. Leagues are the world instance your character goes to, with a challenge league being a temporary case that is generally introduced using a new update. There's frequently a challenge league available, with the present one being Harbinger, while you can also choose to play a Hardcore variant of either the battle league or Standard.

Do not choose to start a hardcore personality if this is the first time playing. While you won't lose your personality like you want in other Path of Exile matches which use permadeath, you would have to start a new personality if you would like to continue in this league. Take time to find out the Path of Exile match in either the typical league or the present Challenge league.

With that said, you do not need to focus on it too much to start with.Your first skill point may go into one of two small boosts and from that point you can venture through the abilities as you advance. Starting areas for other characters aren't out of reach for you, although it is going to take more time to get there as you'd expect. By then you should get a clearer idea of what you want to do with your character, also.