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Since the MMO utilizes a skill system along with the gamers need to collect experience points to level up, it occasionally becomes really tricky for the new players to become at par with other experienced players. The owners of said at a press conference the new players may also join the fun festival of fighting, woodcutting and fishing by leveling up easily once they buy RunEscape Gold.


"The classic game is still going stronger with each day passing and also a mobile-only variant is on its way. We anticipate a lot more new players to jump onto the bandwagon in the not too distant future. However, one of the numerous issues these new players face is they cannot play at par together with the experienced players", said Mr. Gong, the sales and marketing leader of the company. "We have got great news for the fans of old school RunEscape as they are now able to buy OSRS Gold at half the standard market price. This way, they could still enjoy the old game, with new costumes and several new changes. We have guaranteed fast delivery and secure trade besides offering RS Gold along with other sport items at discounted prices", maintained Mr. Gong during a media conference.

The CEO and managing director of RSgoldfast stated at a press conference that the aim of the company is to generate interest in the classic RunEscape game. He also mentioned that the developers have included many new features and the older game which was launched in 2001 have changed a lot over the years. However, he expressed hope that the younger gamers would take interest in the game together with the RS3 gold found. "The aim of is to make the game even more popular, especially among kids and teens of today. We've announced big reductions on RS gold to promote this section of players", he said. We're investing in the creation of brand new titles, both within the RuneScape world and outside Jagex has reacted to's petition for extra info on the new hires it is making. The firm states that it's improving the groups working on both the Old School and normal RuneScape, and it's also investing in brand new names - both in the world of RuneScape and outside.


Notice 'names' - there is probably more than just one new job in the works over in the Cambridge-based developer.

"Along with the newly declared senior hires in publishing and promotion, we're strengthening our growth and manufacturing teams for our current living games of RuneScape and Old School, and we're investing in the creation of brand new titles, both inside the RuneScape world and outside it," director of talent acquisition Peter Lovell explained. "With the continuing success of the RuneScape franchise, our investment in new titles as well as the plethora of opportunities afforded by our important publishing ramp up, we are looking for experienced art, tech and marketing professionals to join a growing elite group. There has never been a better time to talk to us in Jagex as we bring life to the living games of the future."


Original story: RuneScape giant Jagex appears to be functioning on a brand new unannounced MMO name.

That's based on jobs listings on its own careers site, which has eight vacancies open for the untitled project, which may well be a new or upgraded RuneScape game. The Cambridge-based firm is searching for a DevOps Engineer, Environment Artist, Lead Gameplay Programmer, Senior Animator, Senior Systems Designer, Technical Artist, Technical QA Analyst and VFX Artist for your project. It would seem that whatever that MMO is, it's an open-world arrangement and is going to be third-person. Hardly earth-shattering information for the genre. It also appears that the project has been developed in Unity. 1 list does indicate that the applicant will probably be "working on our flagship name RuneScape," suggesting that this is a brand new version of the firm's core game and not a brand new MMO. It's possible that this is the job that Jagex is working with cloud game company Improbable, together with whom the programmer announced a partnership with last year.