Classroom Behavior

Our classroom rules ensure that every child is able to LEARN, WORK and BEHAVE at Woodside.


Use kind words

Use walking feet

Raise your hand

 Hands & feet to yourself

Be a good listener


Students who obey the rules and are respectful learners will earn "Starbucks" from  me and other adults in the building. "Starbucks" can be used at the "Starbuck Store" and spent like money on lots of neat prizes. 

Woodside uses the color system to monitor student behavior. Green means you are having a GREAT day! Yellow signals a warning that a behavior needs to change, Blue means the warning issued was not heeded, and a consequence may include missing recess. Red means a trip to the principal's office. Students who meet the Green Goal each month will be treated to a surprise! GO GREEN! Parents will be informed of the color their child earned on their Behavior Calendar which stays in the DOTS binder. It is colored every evening and should be initialed by a parent each night. When students earn a yellow, blue or red they will also fill out a behavior reflection that must be signed by a parent and returned in the DOTS binder the very next day.