Play Along

Here are a few of your favorite songs:

Band Warm-Up Band Warm up.mp3

Bugler's Dream Bugler's Dream Lavendar.mp3

Hard Rock Blues Exercise #58_ Hard Rock Blues-Encore.mp3

Star Wars Star Wars 105 wi_tr.mp3


Norco Bands can play these songs:

Procession of Heroes Procession of Heroes 2.mp3

Beginning Band's Greatest Hits Beginning Band's Greatest Hits.mp3


Cluster Band and Corona Bands can play this song:

Mucho Mariachi Mucho Mariachi.mp3


Advanced Bands can play these songs:

Yankee Spirit March (Without the Air Force song - sorry) Yankee Spirit March.mp3

Original Compositions 2020 (Norco Advanced Bands only) OC 2020.mp3


Mariachi can play these songs:

De Colores Decolores.mp3

Las Mananitas and La Pinata Las Mananitas - La P. - C.mp3