Extra Credit Assignments

Extra Credit Assignments are available for students who need to improve their grades.

Each Assignment is a limited time offer so you all have the oppurtunity to complete the assignment but these assignments will not be accepted after the deadline.

1.   (Worth 5points on grade)Walk around the school and record 8 of Mr. Fineman's Vocabulary phrases

Translate them into common language. Example: " Proceed with all possible dispatch means ......"

2.  (Worth 5 points on Grade)

oGo to http://oregonstate.edu/trees/dichotomous_key.html
oMake up 3 tree riddles using the keys and do a description of each tree on the riddle. YOu must provide the answer.
I am a tree with broad leaves & compound pattern, pinnately sequenced leaves with the bases on opposite sides. Who am I?