December- January Homework

 Date hw Number assignment
1.What is the difference between negative and positive feedback?
How do guard cells help a plant maintain homeostasis? Why is low blood pH a problem for a human body?
 12/7 2 
uPlease complete your Group Plan work.
uWhat was the most challenging part of the  group project for you
uGet or draw a picture of your body system.
 12/13 3
Complete your project folder
Decorate the cover and staple the materials in the folder based on the table of contents.
Practice what ever  your role is for your group. All students should be ready to present on Tuesday 12/14
Write a summary of what you learned about from your peers. You should include details from the information they shared.
uIf your group presented you need to indicate what you liked about the presentation, what you didn’t like and what you would do better?
uHow did it feel to present
uFor today’s lesson answer the following
uWhat topic are we discussing.?
uWhat is the next unit of study?
uHow is what we are doing now connected to the next unit?
uHow do you get help in class?
uWhat should you do if you are finish doing your work early?
uWhat are the general components in experimental design?
What step of the experimental deisgn was most difficult?
uHow can students determine the factor that need to change in an experiment
Finish the Making Connections Lab page 7-8. The Looseleaf experimental design