Week 7 Homework Schedules

***Weekly Homework Schedule***J Mrs. Ferree – Pod 200 – Room 204 JOctober 14-17, 2008 Student Name and Number_________________________________This Week’s Story:  ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEKGenre:                 Historical FictionFocus Skill:            Plot: Conflict and ResolutionVOCABULARY WORDS                        SPELLING WORDS words with consonant -le1) responsible                                                   1)  circle           11) fable2) darted                                                          2)  angle           12) riddle3) jostling                                                         3)  cradle         13) icicle4) swerved                                                       4)  ladle           14) sparkle5) attentive                                                       5)  castle          15) jungle6) pounced                                                       6)  ruffle         16) tangle7) contradicting                                                7)  juggle          17) marble                                                                        8)  ankle           18) sizzle                                                                        9)  battle          19) paddle                                                                                                        10) candle        20) handle
MondayART – Mrs. HollenbeckCOLUMBUS DAYNo School  Reading/Writing/Grammar/Spelling:  1)30 minute read aloud2)Document read aloud on reading logMath:


P.E. – Mr. Meade**REMINDER**Students should be reading aloud daily for 30 minutes.  This is a “reading for pleasure” activity and can be complete alone or a student can read aloud for a family member.  Daily documentation on the reading log is required for student’s to receive credit.
Reading/Writing/Grammar:  1)30 minute read aloud2)Document read aloud on reading log3) Reading:  Read page 154 and create a detailed graphic organizer to explain the PLOT: CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION on a properly headed piece of paper. Include lots of details in your graphic organizer.  4) Spelling:  Pick any 5 spelling words and create a sentence for each.  Underline the words.  As always when we write sentences, each sentence should contain a classmate’s or family member’s name and be a minimum of 6 words in length.Math:  Pgs. 83-85, problem #s 4,5,6,7,8,9, 13,14,15,18,19,21, 22 & 23 READ ALL DIRECTIONS – some problems require you to EXPLAIN your answers.
WednesdayDIGITIAL MUSIC – Ms. Roodhouse   Wednesday (continued)Reading/Writing/Grammar:  1) 30 minute read aloud2) Document read aloud on reading log3) Reading: On pg. 170, on a properly headed piece of paper, write each THINK CRITICALLY question and then answer each question in a full sentence.  Be sure to RESTATE THE QUESTIONS in each answer.  Remember, answers should not begin with the word “because.”Math:  Pg. 87, ODD problems 1-9Pgs. 88&89,  problems 1,2,3, 7 & 9Pgs. 90&91,  problems 1,3,4,5Science:   Cell Review and Simple/Complex Animal Stories assignment (due Friday)


LIBRARY – Mr. Hoynes**REMINDER**Weekly tests in Reading, Spelling and Math will occur each Friday.  Please help study with your child to help them prepare.Reading & Spelling:·          Understand and discuss the Focus Skill·          Know vocabulary word meanings·          Reread the story for comprehension (what is the BIG IDEA?·          Practice Spelling WordsMath:·          Study the pages from the chapter we have been working on·          Completes assigned practice problems and/or chapter pretest page
Reading/Writing/Grammar/Spelling:  1) 30 minute read aloud 2) Document read aloud on reading log.3) Writing:  Severe weather made life difficult for people living on the prairie long ago. Think about the problems caused by weather in your area. Now, write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the weather-related problems people face each year in Chicago. Science:   Reminder:Cell Review and Simple/Complex Animal Stories assignment (due tomorrow)Math:   Pgs. 90&91,  problems 6,7,10 & 11Pgs. 92&93, Problems 3,5, 11 & 15Pg. 95, Problems 2 and 42) Test Preparation:Page 96, practice all problems #s 1-10 on the page with a grown up.  Use scratch paper to explain and teach your grown up how to complete a few problems.  You do not have to turn this in, but you may for E.C. (write E.C. on the top, have a grown up sign, and place it in our E.C. box).
FridayCOMPUTER SCIENCE – Ms. Giuntoli  Reading/Writing:  1)30 minute read aloud Fri, Sat. Sun.2)Document read aloud on reading log.3) Rate-a-Read Math: Take a picture walk through chapter 6 (pages 98-113), think about what we’ll be learning next week.  Complete ODD problems 1-15 on page 99.
Please leave this homework schedule in your child’s homework folder.  Students must have their GOLD CARDS each day in order to check in homework.  Thank you. Adult Family Member sign here:____________________________________________

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