For the love of Language Arts

Language Arts

Reading- Our reading program will be a combination of stories from a basal series, picture books and chapter books.  We will be reading as a whole group, independently and with partners each and every day.  Students willl be exposed to many genres of literature.  This variety of text will enable us to teach reading strategies that will help your child to become a fluent reader who comprehends what they are reading.   

Our basal has a great website that will allow you to look at the stories and skills taught during the selection.

The site also gives you access to our workbook pages for reading skills found in the practice book, grammar skills, and spelling pages in the event that your child forgets their homework. This tab is located on the left hand side.  Take some time to explore this site.  I was amazed at how much is available.


Writing- Students will be writing daily through the use of journaling.  They will also be taught how to construct creative narratives, informative reports, formatted business letters, and persuasive writing.  Reading and writing go hand in hand. ..the more you read the better you are able to write. 


Grammar- "C U L8TR"  will not be tolerated here.laugh  In a world of slang and texting we still need proper grammar.  Together we will learn the parts of speech and rules of the English language all of which will be intertwined in our daily reading and writing.


Spelling- We believe spelling is important, but what you say with the spelling words is more important.  Your child will be tested every other week on his/her spelling words.  We will spend time teaching and reviewing the pattern of the week.  Then your child will take a few selected words and construct expanded sentences which display correct usage and spelling of the word from their list.