Classroom Procedures

  • Binder – To cut down on confusion, your child will use 1 binder for most of his or her subjects.  The binder will be divided into 5 parts (grammar, spelling, science/ social studies, math, writing) using tab dividers.  This binder will go home with your child each day and MUST be returned to school each day.  Any memos being sent home from the office or PTF will be placed in the back pocket of your child’s binder, and all homework pages will be placed in the front pocket of your child’s binder. Please make sure you put the completed homework page(s) back in the front pocket and remove all the papers from the back pocket each evening. 
  • Classroom Rules:

        1.  Respect others and yourself

        2.  Be prepared

        3.  Stay on task

        4.  Raise your hand  

        5.  Be positive and HAVE FUN! 


  • Classroom Behavior Plan:

The success of the education process is based on a positive and safe atmosphere which promotes learning.  In order for this to occur, I have adopted a behavior management plan to help keep my classroom running smoothly.  The objective of the behavior management plan is to provide an atmosphere where learning can take place, free of disruption from individual students.  Disciplinary consequences will aid students in learning responsibility, self control, cooperation, and respect for others; all traits that will enhance their educational potential.           

The plan will work in the following way.  The first time a student is not following directions a verbal warning will be given.  If he or she continues their behavior, his or her name will be written on the board.  If the child continues and is called on for a third time, a check mark will be placed next to his or her name.  At the end of the day every student who has not received a check mark will earn a sticker in their planner.  This is a great way for parent(s) to keep track of how their child is acting on a daily basis.              

If a student is spoken to more than three times in a class period, he or she will write a letter of apology for their behavior choices.  A parent will need to sign this paper.  The student will not be allowed to participate in the class Friday activity.  All students who qualify (3 or more stickers at the end of the week) will participate in extra recess on Friday for acting as he or she should in the classroom.  At the end of every month we will have a "Good Behavior Get Together".  Every student who has earned 10 or more stickers in their planner for the month will participate in this awesome event.  I know every child is capable of this!   

  • Conferencing – I will schedule 1 conference for each student at the end of the first 9 weeks period to discuss your child’s progress. At any time during the school year that I have concerns about academic progress or classroom behavior I will ask for another conference. I would also be happy to meet with parents at any time during the school year that you feel a need to conference about questions or concerns you might have. Feel free to contact me by telephone, e-mail or through your child’s planner to set up a mutually convenient time. 
  • Webpage - Here you will find homework assignments listed along with their due dates as well as upcoming classroom events and important reminders.

  • Homework – All students are to return homework the day after it is assigned.  Any homework coming in late will be graded but 10 points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.  Any class work your child does not finish while at school also becomes homework and the above rule applies.  Please help your child set up good habits early as it will benefit them throughout their school career.
  • Make-Up Work - If you know that your child is going to be absent in advance, please let me know and I will make arrangements to get them their work ahead of time.  Otherwise, I will give a folder of missed assignments to your child upon their return to class.  If it is an extended absence due to illness, I will leave a folder in the front office after the 2nd day absent for you to pick up.  With that said, please be aware that our classroom is based on many different types of activities and several of the activities are hands on.  Your child will be practicing skills in a variety of ways that do not all require paper/pencil work.  Because of this, it is extremely important that your child comes to school each and every day unless ill.  Be aware that in many cases there will be very little “make-up” work.
  • Tuesday Folder – Each Tuesday your child will come home with a “Tuesday Folder”.  Inside the folder you will find all graded work from the previous week.  Please look at the papers and go over any problems missed with your child as an extra review.  Remove all papers and sign the form that is stapled inside the folder.
  • Money – During the school year, you will be asked to send in money for various reasons.  Please follow these steps:(1)  Place money in envelope and seal it  (2)  Place label (enclosed in folder) on outside of envelope  (3)  Fill in blanks on label 


  • Planner Books – Each student is required to purchase a planner.  Daily homework assignments will be written in the planner as well as any teacher comments.  Please initial the planner each day, Monday – Friday.  I will look at the planner each morning for any communication coming from home. 
  • Snack – Your child may bring a snack to be eaten in class each day.  This should be something small & easy that can be eaten without any utensils while your child is working.  Examples: fruit, crackers, granola bar, etc.  NO CANDY OR DRINKS PLEASE!
  • Water Bottles – Students may keep a water bottle at their desks.  FCA’s policy is that this must be plain water and the bottle must have a lid.  No powdered mixes may be added to this water in the classroom.