Important Information

Foundation Christian Academy is known for its loving, family atmosphere where parents and teachers work together to create a "village" for our children. We want every parent who desires to be active in the school to have that opportunity. Parent involvement is essential to the success of our school and allows us to provide our children with opportunities to grow outside the classroom. 



At FCA, students have the opportunity to be chapel leaders. You are welcome to join us any Wednesday at 9:30 for the lesson and singing.   Parent Day Chapel is usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and is always posted in the monthly Panther Press.  On this day, one or two students from each class are recognized for their attributes. Birthdays for the month are generally acknowledged on the last Wednesday of the month.

Congratulations to and  for standing on a Firm Foundation.
They will be recognized at the Parent’s Day Chapel Service at 9:30 on March  . Cameras welcome. 

Happy Birthday To:


*March Birthdays will be recognized at the chapel.