Important Details

PARENT COMMUNICATION- Please be sure to check your child’s Agenda Book & H.W. Folder each and every night. Important parent/teacher notes, homework, money, and daily behavior report (if necessary) will be kept in this book and folder. The Agenda is also the best way for teacher/parent to communicate any concerns.



SPELLING - Every Monday your child should bring home a list of the week’s spelling words. They can use this list to study from and give themselves a practice test before they  take the test on Friday.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH- We have a Kid of Character award each month featuring students who exemplify specific character traits.  10 awards will be issued to deserving students this school year. 

SNACKS- Students are allowed to bring a Healthy Snack to eat during class time daily.
   No drinks for snack. (yogurt drinks allowed)
   Snacks must be easily eaten and not messy.
   Sample Snacks include but are not limited to:
   Pretzels, Yogurt, Cheese, Carrot Sticks, Fruits, Crackers, Jello, 
   etc. Please provide the proper utensils for your child’s snack.