English III Syllabus

English III - - American Literature

Instructor: Mrs. Ford Emailnicole.ford@polk-fl.net 
Class Websitehttp://mrsford.educatorpages.com
   Phone 863-419-3315     

Class Description:This class is a study of American literature that exhibits the values, beliefs, customs, and history on which this nation was founded and built.   Literature invites discussion, debate, argument, and critical thinking.  Also, in-depth examination of process writing, grammar as it relates to communicating, and vocabulary skills will be covered.     


3-ring binder
Loose-leaf notebook paper
#2 pencils
Pen (blue or black ink)
5 subject dividers for the 3-ring binder
3”x5” ruled index cards
1 spiral notebook                                                                                                
1 pocket folder

American Literature Eras

The Beginnings to 1800 – Native Americans, African Americans, Puritans, European Settlers
            Novel: The Scarlet Letter
American Romanticism 1800-1860
American Renaissance 1840-1860
American Realism 1850-1900
American Moderns 1900-1950

            Novel: The Great Gatsby
American Contemporary Literature 1950-Present

                Novel: Raisin in the Sun


Grades are based on the following categories.  Each category is assigned a weight, all categories equal 100%.         

Points are based on:
Ø  Vocabulary (20%)
Ø  Writing (20%)
Ø  Projects (10%)
Ø  Tests and Quizzes (20%)
Ø  Daily Class Work and Homework (20%)
Ø  Grammar (10%) 

Grading Policies:§ 
Homework will only be accepted on the day it is due, unless there is an absence, where one more day will be provided.§ 
All writing assignments/major assignments/projects must be on time and in compliance with guidelines given to receive full credit.  There will be a 10% grade reduction for each day the assignment is late.  If there is a doctor’s note, the student is required to turn it in the day he/she returns to receive full credit.  100% grade reduction will be taken on the sixth day. § 
Missed tests must be made up within two school days of the original exam date.  Missed tests may be taken before or after school, not during class.


          Be on time
Ø  Be ready to learn when class begins. You are expected to complete an assignment during the first 10 minutes of class.  If you are still looking for paper and a pencil after five minutes you will not be able to complete the assignment and will not receive credit for that assignment.         

  • Be prepared

                 Ø  Have materials with you and know due dates.
Review/work on materials outside of class on your own initiative.  You will not be successful in vocabulary if you rely only on your in class study time.         

  • Be respectful

                Ø  Value yourself. Be honest and ethical. Cheating or “possible” cheating is unacceptable and will meet with harsh consequences.
Ø  Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect.
Ø  Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Negativity toward another student, unkind words, laughing, making fun of another student is bullying and will not be tolerated!
Ø  Offer to help.
Ø  Be responsible with property and belongings.  Anything left in this room, will not be here the following day!

          Be a polite and positive participant
Ø  Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.  Do not speak when others are speaking.         

  •  Be productive
    Ø  Turn in work on time, and always do your best.  You are preparing for the rest of your life.         
    Be a problem solverØ   Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.  Do not join a problem-starter. 

 Procedures:          When asking a question in the middle of a discussion or lecture, raise your hand and wait quietly for the teacher to call on you.  Make sure your question is relevant to the topic at hand.         
Once in the classroom you need to stay in your seat until given permission by the teacher to do other wise with the exception of sharpening a pencil.           
All students are required to stay with their teacher and follow school policies during fire drills, tornado drills, and lockdown drills.         
When moving from the classroom to another location, students should stay together and keep voices to a minimum.  It is never appropriate to disrupt another classroom.         
When taking a test, there is to be no talking.  Talking will only be assumed as cheating therefore resulting in a zero for the test grade.   
Talking includes all of the following: forming inaudible words with your mouth, speaking, writing notes, making signs or gesturing to another student.
Each student will be given four emergency passes to use at their discretion throughout the semester.  These passes allow you to use the restroom or conduct approved business within the school.  When the passes are gone, the student must be called to the office to leave the room.  At the end of the semester, a student may cash in any remaining emergency passes for 25 extra credit points.  Please bring an official document from your doctor if you have an exception.          When needing to leave the classroom on your own initiative, wait for instruction to be over and then bring an emergency pass to me to sign.  Only one student may leave the classroom at any time unless he/she is called to the office.  No passes will be signed during the first five and the last five minutes of class!         
Absences & TardinessØ  Copy the day’s agenda from the missing work folder in the back of the room.Ø  Find the corresponding papers or if they not there, ask the teacher for missed handouts by name or page number.Ø  Each absence has a two-day grace period.   Ø  Students must be on time to class.  If you are tardy during a semester you will be sent to Choice.  

Classroom Policies:

  • All cell phones should not be visible or audible in school.
  • Students must conform to the school dress code.
  • Students may not apply make-up, perfume, lotion, and cologne at any time during class.
  • Students may not be grooming themselves or others during class.  (You are not a monkey!)
  • Students may not sleep or lay their head on the desk during class.
  • Students may not chew gum or eat sunflower seeds in class.
  • Students may bring small snacks to eat during class.  Students may not share food in class.
  • Students may bring bottles with screw-on caps to drink, but no other beverages are allowed.
    *Privileges may be revoked at any time by the teacher due to abuse by a student or students.
 Disregard for classroom policies, procedures, and expectations are not acceptable. 
  • Minor infractions will receive one warning, followed by a note on your record.  If problems persist, an office referral will be created and the student will be sent to Choice.
  • Major infractions will receive no warning, but will be immediately sent to Choice.