Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast/ Lunch

 Bacon and Eggs and Eggs


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding our food service.

Can I pay by debit?

You can set up an account online using your child's student ID number so their lunch money never runs out.  Sign up at . You can set it up to automatically fill your child's account when the balance falls below a predetermined $ amount. Parents can also block students from getting extra food items such as ice cream, chips cookies, etc. These items add up and can drain your child's account.


What's for lunch/ breakfast?
 If you are wondering what we are having for lunch on a daily basis because you have a picky eater, the web site at the bottom of the page will tell you exactly what we are having.                                                        


How much is lunch/ breakfast?

 Lunch is $1.75 and breakfast is $1.00.


Does the lunchroom have snacks?

The lunchroom also has extra snacks that students can buy. They range from .25 cents to .50 cents. 


What if I do not want my child to buy snacks from the cafeteria? 

 Write a note to the lunchroom manager requesting that your child's account be locked. This will ensure that your child does not purchase extra snacks.


What should my child bring for lunch?

Bring a full lunch for your child including a drink. Make sure the healthy and nutritious. A lunch may include a sandwich, fruit and some yummy veggies.


Can I get free and reduced lunch for my child?

All free and reduced lunch forms are available from the lunchroom manager. The lunchroom manager does not make the decision on who qualifies for free or reduced lunch.

The Website below has the monthly menu as well as the free & reduced lunch forms. If you have any questions, please contact our lunchroom manager.