Schoolwide Behavioral System


Our school follows a behavioral system based on a system of colors.  Students all begin on green in the morning.  Redirections are given when needed.  Expectations are that student can follow redirections within 1-2 prompts.  When this fails the student will be asked to change their color card.  Student can sometimes earn their color back (1 step) by showing accountablility for their choices and then changing their behaviors to make better decisions throughout the remainder of the day.  At the end of the day I will conference with those who had color changes to determine what color they should end up on at the time of dismissal.

A- Green Day: Great Day!
 Followed the Rules & Procedures.

B- Yellow Day: Warning was given.
Followed the rules/ procedures after warning was given.

C -Orange Day: Warning was given.
Continued misbehavior after warning was given.

D- Red Day: Parent's notified of misbehavior.
Conduct incident report.

F- Blue Day: Discipline referral given to administration if applicable to code of conduct.