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Week One:

1.1 Make a list of at least three predictions for the book-- think about characters, setting, and genre. As you read the first few chapters, write down whether your predictions were accurate.

1.2 Write a list of at least events that have happened so far. Make a prediction about what the conflict, or problem, will be.

1.3 The first few chapters of a book often contain a detailed description of the setting. Find a page with many setting details. Draw a picture of the setting. Label at least five specific details from the text.

Week Two:

2.1 List three characters in the book so far. Describe their physical appearance, importance to the story, and character traits.

2.2 Make a list of six events in the story. What caused each event? What was the effect of each event?

2.3 Describe an exciting event from the book as if you were a sports broadcaster.

Week Three:

3.1 Write a letter to a character in the book. Include your reaction to the events in the book, your feelings about the character's choices, and what you think the character should do now (At least one page)

3.2 Choose five interesting or unusual words from the book so far. Create a semantic map for each, including definition, the word in a sentence, related words, synonyms.

3.3 Think about the relationship of the setting to the story. Could this story have happened in another place? Why or why not?

Week Four:

4.1 These is the underlying message of a piece of text. Write a paragraph to express what you think is the theme of this book.

4.2 Style is the way an author writes a text. How do you feel about the author's style in this book? Is it formal or informal? Do you like the way the sentences sound?

4.3 Often, characters change as a result of events in a novel. Describe the changes that a character went through in this book.