4th Grade Bill of Rights






 To work in silence



Avoid distracting noises.


5 min. free time


To be treated respectfully.



Respect other opinions, class materials, as well as peoples’ feelings.


Reflection or suspension

( agression)


To have a clean and organized classroom.


Put things in their place, clean up after yourself, pick up your belongings, etc.


Clean classroom during recess


 To participate and voice your opinion


Raise your hand, wait your turn, think before you speak, listen to others, make eye contact.


You will lose your turn.


 To have my personal space.


Self- control. Move around carefully. Respect the personal space of others.


Verbal reminder.


To have my belongings respected by others.


Label all your school supplies and belongings.


Materials will be placed in Ransom Basket. Broken supplies will be repaired or replaced by the student responsible.