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Dear Parents,


Research has shown that long-term success in mathematics is closely tied to strong number sense, including fluency with basic facts. The sooner your child becomes fluent with her or his multiplication and division facts, the better! By fluency, we mean being able to automatically recall the facts, quickly and easily. Multiplication and division of larger numbers will be much easier to master, and fractions, decimals, percents, integers, and algebra are all easier to learn with the support of multiplication and division fluency.


We will be using a systematic program this year called Power Facts. Power Facts breaks the multiplication facts up into eight goals, progressing from more easily-learned facts to the ones that provide more challenge. These goals are listed on the back of this paper. The program is designed to have a child work on the multiplication facts in any particular goal until they are automatic, and then incorporate the division facts for that same goal. This way, your child will be more likely to make connections between the multiplication and division facts for each goal.


The Power Facts program uses one-on-one assessments to ensure that we truly understand where your child is in their development of facts fluency. We will be assessing your child on a regular basis. You will be receiving information shortly that identifies which goal we would like your child to focus on first. Because each child is in a different place in their facts development, we will be working primarily in small groups on the facts at school. We will also be asking your child to incorporate facts practice into her/his homework schedule.


At home, your child will be able to practice with goal-specific flashcards and online activities and quizzes. We would also encourage you to work with your child on their targeted goal as you have time – while you’re driving, doing the dishes together, before turning on the tv, … We’ll also be sending home some game ideas you can play with your child that target multiplication and division facts! Please let us know if you have any questions about our new Power Facts program.



Mr. Garcia



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Multiplication and Division Flashcards

 Flashcard Links:
Goal 1: multiply and divide by 10s
Goal 2: multiply and divide by 5s

Goal 3: multiply and divide by 2s
Goal 4: multiply and divide by 4s
Goal 5: multiply and divide by 8s

Goal 6: multiply and divide by 3s
Goal 7: multiply and divide by 6s
Goal 8: multiply and divide by 9s and 7s