Mrs. Gardner, 8th Grade Intensive Reading PHOENIX ACADEMY

Last updated:     2011-06-01, 13:31:57   

The end of the school year is almost here, and the students have been wrapping up.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to exercise their minds and strengthen their spirits.  We had a wonderful year together, and I wish my students the best as they enter high school.  They are ready!  Enjoy your summer.                (phone) 941-316-8101

From the Teacher

                        Special Announcements

Summer Reading   *find library hours and locations.

D’Orso, Michael. Eagle Blue: A Team, a Tribe, and a High School Basketball Season in Arctic Alaska
Werlin, Nancy. Double Helix
Bruchac, Joseph. Code Talker
Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Fever 1793

Shusterman, Neal. The Schwa Was Here

*Students need to RETURN all library books to the Media Center, and all text books to their teachers. 

*LUNCH—all student must prepay.  Cafeteria will not use lunch accounts for the remainder of the year. 

The Learning Corner--What are we doing this week

Upcoming Events or Fieldtrips

 *Students are creating Power Point Presentations on “underage drinking,” due Thursday, June 2.

*Students will be finishing final exams.

Classroom Needs:

None—thank you for your support!

If you would like to share your profession or have another way you would like to be involved in our intensive reading program, feel free to contact me.

*Monday, May 31—Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL 

*Friday, June 3 & Monday, June 6 are half-days (done by 11am) 

*Monday, June 6—Last Day of School, test make-up day.

Web Sites for continued reading this summer:  You're never too old to order books!  ;)

Homework--Articles & assignments are available by clicking the HOMEWORK link at the top of this page.
If your child is absent, please send in a note within two days so the absence can be changed to "excused."  The note should include your child's first and last name, the date(s) he/she was out, and your name.  Thank you!
I will allow snacks because students can't learn hungry, BUT I will stop snack if:
1.  snacks become a distraction
2.  snacks are left on my floor