Classroom Behavior

School Rules

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

 I strongly reward students for following school and classroom expectations.  I have multiple opportunities for students in my classroom to earn stickers, panther paws, points, etc. to get into the treasure box and/or be recognized.

Behavior Tracker

I will be using a stop light visual in my classroom. All students will have clothespins that start on the green light each morning. This means the student is making good choices. If I have to warn a child about a behavior s/he moves the clothespin to the yellow light. This step is to visually remind the student to think about the choices s/he is making. If the behavior continues the student will be asked to move his clothespin to the red light. During this step, I will keep the student in at recess for a time to talk about the choices s/he is making and how we can change it. I will also notify you with a phone call or a note home in their Panther Cub folder. The students will be tracking their behavior at the end of each day. You will be able to find this tracker in their Panther Cub folder.