Five Themes of Geography

Five themes of Geography of Katy, Texas


Location: Position on the Earth’s Surface

Absolute location- refers to a specific position on the Earths surface by using longitude and latitude or a street address as a marker (Maxim, p. 194) According to the National Weather Service by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Katy, TX. Is located at a latitude of 29.79°N and longitude of 95.81°W

(photo courtesy of GoogleMap)

Relative location- means that respective landmarks may be used to locate a place (Maxim, p. 195). There are a couple of landmarks which may be used as indicators in the following photos, they include the Katy water tower, the tourist spot for the Missouri-Kansas Texas Depot, and the Katy Tigers mascot located at the intersection of Highway Blvd/US 90 and FM 1463


Place: Physical and Human Characteristics

Places on the Earth can be distinguished by their physical and human characteristics (Maxim, p.195). Much of downtown Katy is comprised of various business compressed into a small lots. As you venture you way further from center, larger sized lots separate the buildings and the houses evolved from a traditional architecture, which seem to have lots of character, to modern styles subdivision who’s houses look similar to their neighbor.

(Photo courtesy of GoogleEarth)

Relationship within Places: Humans and Environment

The relationship between humans and an environment can be divided into adaptation, how people have been change by the environment; modification, how the environment has been changed by people; and environment dependency, what people rely on to support their living (Maxim, p.195)

Adaptation- I view Katy Heritage Park as an example of adaptation. This site was created to hold several relocated house that once stood in ‘old’ Katy. Much of ‘old’ Katy has been modified to suit the needs of their consumers, in order to adapt to the modernization and still preserve a bit of the towns history, these houses had to be moved to this location.



Modification- The photo below shows how people are changing the environment by clearing land to construct new housing in a relatively ‘new’ part near downtown Katy


Environment dependency- Texas Industries (TXI), is an example of company that uses the land to produce the cement and concrete. According to the companies website, their products are used to build and maintain the roads we travel, reservoirs, reinforce building, foundations, etc.

Movement: Humans interacting on the Earth

The interactions we make every day with other people, places and environment are considered our movement (Maxim, p.195). Many of the building in ‘old’ Katy have been modernized to support today’s living. These shop not only cater to the electronic needs of their consumers, but also provide health and beauty services, home and interior design, banking, hardware, and food/beverage services.

With much of Katy expanding, there have been big changes in how their citizens travel; one prominent example of this is the changes made to I-10 just a short distance away.


Regions: How They Form and Changed

The region is an area on the surface of the Earth whose characteristics make it different from other areas (Maxim, p. 196). Over the years that I have visited and lived in Katy, I have noticed it has been gradually expanding. Once was open field, are being paved with construction for industrial buildings, shopping centers and subdivisions.

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