Becoming a Reader:

There is no better way to learn how to imitate the sounds that are needed to read in the english langauage than by listening and speaking with others!

Here are some of "the basics" provided by the National Institute for Literacy in A Child Becomes a Reader

  • Print/Book awareness- Knowing what print and books are and how they are used

  • Phonics- recognizing the letter-sound relationships

  • Phonemic awareness- Spoken words are made of separate small units of sounds called phonemes

  • Alphabetic knowledge- Knowing letters and their corresponding shapes and sounds

  • Vocabulary- Names for words we must know to communicate, listen, read and write effectively

  • Comprehension- Understanding the material



Storyline Online is a website created by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation to provide online reading to children by actors. Each book has an activity page that provides several related internet activity websites, information about the reader, the author, and the illustrator, and related books. Here are some videos you can watch with your family, Enjoy!


Shared Reading

These are stories that I would like to share with you. I encourage you to visit your local library for more exploration of the author and even the illustrator.