The Declaration of Independence

The following video takes us on a virutal feild trip to understand and identify the purpose of the Declaration of Independence.



  • Declaration- to annouce or proclaim
  • Independence- the freedom from being controlled
  • Colonies- a group of people who settle in a distant territoty but maintain ties with their homeland
  • Colonist- a person (settler) that lives inside a colony 
  • Parlament- legislative body that represents a nation or people
  • Taxes- fee or dues that is often paid in the sum of money
  • Representation- standing for another party to serve on their behalf
  • Politician- a person who is engaged in public office (governmnent, policies, diplomacy)
  • Infringe- to violate or break an agreement or law
  • Justified- to prove to be right, free of blame
  • Rebel- to resist an authority
  • Memorial- something intednded to honor the memory of a person or event
  • Committee- a group of people offically appointed to preform a function
  • Grievances- to cause hardship or harm