Reading Help


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Reading Time Together


Before Reading:

1.Do a Book Walk before you read: Look through the book together and talk about the pictures. What the book is about. Give the child some of the vocabulary they are going to need to read.

2. Preview the book’s title, headings, illustrations etc.

3. Make predictions based on the cover, title or illustrations on what the book will be about.

4. Activate Prior Knowledge: what does the student already know about this subject?


During Reading

5. Confirm or correct the predictions you made before reading.

6. Have your child imagine or visualize something from the book.

7. Have the child point to each word as they read it. Point it out if they add or miss any words.

8. Help the student sound out words.

9. Encourage the child to use the pictures to guess at tricky words.

10.When your child comes to an unknown word try the Star Strategies:

11.Get your mouth ready to say the first sound

12.Check the picture

13.Break the word into smaller chunks, look for chunks that you know or smaller words in the big word

14.Does the word look like another word you know?

15.Skip the word, read to the end of the sentence and take a guess then ask yourself: Does it make sense? Does it look right? Does in sound right?


After Reading:

16. Name a letter, word or punctuation and have the child search for it in the book.

17.Talk about your child's favourite part of the story.

18.Have them tell you what they remember from the beginning, middle and end.

19.Did the story or characters remind the student of a personal story? Another book, movie or

20.Have your child draw a picture or write about the book.

21.Read the book again.