First Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Gier, Room 3

 This week our theme at the writing center is "Foxy Roxy."  Students are encouraged to bring a small item that relates to the writing theme.  This item will be placed at the writing center for all to see.  Thank you families for making these centers a success!

Continue practicing spelling words at home!  Students grades are improving in this area, keep up the good work!  Be sure to visit on the internet to help your child practice spelling words and be ready for the tests on Friday


                                                                      1.) far

                                                                      2.) car

3.) yard

4.) dark

5.) start

6.) star

7.) work

  8.)  these

                                                                      9.) softly

                                                                    10.) sadly


April 12th - March of Dimes campaign due!

April 24th- First Grade Field Trip!!!

May 6th- PTO meeting in the library after school!