Class News

What We Are Learning



Language Arts

     This week we read Mr. C's Dinner.  While reading this story and other short stories this week, we focused on predicting what we thought would happen.  Sometimes our predictions were right and other times the author tricked us and the ending was very different from our prediction.

     We are working on many skills during our Language Arts time.  We discussed endings of verbs such as -s, -ed, and -ing.  We looked for naming parts in a sentence.  We also worked with the short i sound. 



     This week we focused on using the number line to find answers to math problems.  We also have continued to play our number sense games in small groups.  We added the game Ten Turns on Friday.  The children will be bringing this game home next week to practice.


     Our newest chapter in our Religion book is about the Church.  We will learn about Pentecost, Baptism and Saints.



     This week we learned about animal homes and made bird nests in groups.  The children had to draw what kind of bird would like their nest and wrote why it would choose to live there.  Next week we will review about animals and take an animal test.

 Social Studies

     Our first unit in Social Studies has been about neighborhoods and communities.  We learned that neighborhoods are places where people live, work and play.  We also learned that many neighborhoods make up a community.  We saw a variety of different communities and discussed how they are alike and how they are different.  We have also started on basic map skills.