4th Grade Science




Week of Feb. 13

Monday:  Review Game

Tuesday: Redo Lab Brine Shrimp (Mrs. G forgot to make the test!)

Wednesday:    Chapter Test 3C

Thursday:   Pass Back Tests



Week of Feb. 6

Monday:  Homework Pg C88 1-2

Tuesday: Check Homework    Lab: Brine Shrimp Eggs

Wednesday:       Homework Chapter Review  Pg C92-93  Rev Sci 1-11,  Exp Sci  1-4

Thursday: Check Chapter Review    CHAPTER 3C  TEST  on TUESDAY, FEB 14

Friday: Complete Brine Shrimp Lab.   Write Conclusions on Lab Worksheet.


Week of Jan. 30

Monday:  No Class

Tuesday: Pg C 83  1-3  In class assignment

Wednesday:  Quiz 3-3    Pg C 84-85 Notes

Thursday: No Class

Friday:    Video:  City of Coral





Dates to Remember:  CHAPTER 3C Test  Feb. 14th