8th Grade English & Writing

8th Grade English & Writing




Week of Feb. 13

Monday:  Write a paragraph using lots of ARTICLES & PROPER ADJECTIVES.

Tuesday: Worked on Yearbook page

Wednesday:   LIBRARY  

Thursday:Pg 461-462  Ex 5-6



Week of Feb. 6







Week of Jan. 30

Monday:  No Class

Tuesday:  AR reading

Wednesday:  No Class

Thursday:  Thank You letters to JA  teacher

Friday:   Wrote Letters to Teacher/Staff member we worked with on Weds.  Must include  1) Thank you   2) What you learned   3)  Interesting point...something you thought was  of value to share.  Due Feb. 8    Cursive or Typed






Please Note that due to time contraints in our afternoon classes,  these subjects  are not always taught in isolation everyday.  Often these subjects are incorporated into Social Studies activities.  For example, students will complete "Who Am I" reports and Current Events assignments that will receive a Social Studies and a Spelling/English/Writing grade.  I assign many multi-grade assignments in Social Studies!  8th Grade students need to use their spelling, English, and writing skills in everyday activities (life skills), not always in isolation.  Students will also have several writing assignments for contests as well as classroom writing that will count towards their grades.



Dates to Remember: