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Teacher: Ms.. Goddard School: Richneck Elementary School

McGraw-Hill Online Content: Macmillan McGraw-Hill Science, Grade 3 © 2002

Class Name: Goddard Grade(s): 3 CLASS CODE: Goddard30 Instructions

Follow these steps to access the class page and any McGraw-Hill  online  content selected by 
the teacher for the class.   Visit The McGraw-Hill Learning Network at  
If you're a student, click Student. If you're a parent, click  Parent.  Enter the Class Code 
listed above in the Class Code field, then  click Go.  The screen will display all the online 
content and class  activities available  to you. Just click a title to explore what's inside.  
If you want to access the class page without having to remember  and enter the  class code each time, 
click become a registered member the next  time you  visit Students: Once you register, 
enter the class code and click Add  this class  (to my Class List) on the class page. 
Parents: Once you and your child have registered, enter the class  code and  click Link to 
My Child on the class page. Any classes that your  child has  joined will be added to your Class List. 
Within minutes, you'll be able to access your teacher's class  page whenever  you like!  
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