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Homeroom Assignments

Homeroom Assignments

There are three main assignments due each month: book reports, reading logs and task cards. Book reports and task cards are due by the last day of the month, but can be turned in as soon as they are completed. Reading logs are due the first day of the following month. All of these assignments are graded on a completion level.

Book Reports: Book reports are a worksheet sent home the first week of the new month. Help your child read the directions on the worksheet prior to picking a book. They should pick a book that is appropriate to their reading level. Then they can complete the worksheet and turn it in to me. I will return it with a stamp on it. If it comes home without a stamp, it  means I have not seen it and it has not been recorded in SIS. 

Reading Logs: Monthly reading logs are located in your child's red homework folder. Your child is required to read 100 minutes per week, or 20 minutes per school night. As they read each night, please initial the day and record how many minutes they have read. Extra reading is always a great idea! As the month comes to a close, please total the number of minutes read in the month and place the total in the top right corner of the reading log. This extra step really helps me in adding a whole class total.

Task Cards: Task cards will be sent home once a month alongside book reports. On the task cards are 6-10 short activities that correspond with Core Knowledge.  These are to be done at home. As your child finishes each activity, please initial that activity to show it has been completed. When all the activities are finished, your child can turn the task card in.

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