Mrs. Green's Classroom Rules and Procedures

                                                                                 Classroom Expectations for Math   

Mrs. Green

Room #205

Morse.Marshall School


                                                         Welcome to Mrs. Green’s Math Class and an exciting new school year!

 Classroom rules:

1. Respect yourself, teachers, peers, school staff and their property and space.

2. Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to respond to questions/concerns.

3. Remain in your assigned seat and quiet unless you have permission to do otherwise.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

·        The following will not be tolerated: violence/any behavior that endangers the safety of others even if joking.

·        Jackets and book bags should remain in lockers.

·        Weapons are prohibited.

5. Use appropriate language at all times.

·        The following will not be tolerated: profanity, negative comments and teasing.

6. All food is to be consumed in the cafeteria unless you have permission to do otherwise.

·        The following items are prohibited in the school building: soda and glass containers.

·        Gum, candy and chips are not allowed in the classroom.

7. Bring your supplies to math class everyday (i.e. pencil/s, math book and folder)

  Consequences for not following classroom rules:

  • Warning – verbal or written
  • Points deducted from class participation/effort grade
  • Teacher-student conference
  • Lunch detention
  • Change in seat
  • Referral to Supportive Staff (i.e. Guidance Counselor)
  • Referral to Administration

Exception: In extreme situations such as fighting, threats, weapons; students will automatically be referred to an administrator.


  • The joy of learning
  • Praise
  • Positive notes/letters/e-mails to parent/guardian
  • Positive phone call to parent/guardian
  • Good grades
  • Fun surprises
Grades are based on:
  • Folder Check for Math Openings and Classwork
  • Homework
  • Quizzes & Tests & Projects
  • Effort and Attitude (Points will be deducted for failure to follow classroom rules & misbehavior!)

Points vary for folder check, homework, quizzes & tests, and projects

 Grading Scale:

A         90 – 100%

B          80 – 89%

C         70 – 79%

D         60 – 69%

U         0 – 59%


  • Every school night please ask your parent/guardian to read & discuss assignments written in your school agenda and have your parent/guardian sign!!!
  • Homework (labeled with a letter) is due at the beginning of class on the due date.  LATE homework will not be accepted for a grade.
  • If you are sick, you will have the number of days you were out to complete your missing work.
  • If you miss class because of a field trip or school function, you can check in with me before or after the field trip to get your assignments.
  • Homework without a name will be thrown out.

 Classroom Procedures:

1. Bring supplies to class everyday (school agenda, pencils, math book, math folder)!

2. Arrive to class on time.

3. Sharpen pencil, sit down quietly in assigned seat, read the math agenda and begin the math opening immediately.

4. Maintain appropriate classroom behavior conducive for optimal learning.

5. For each assignment write the proper heading below in the upper right hand corner of your paper: 





6. During the last five minutes of class ask any questions for clarification, clean the area around your desk & row and record the homework in your agenda.

7. The teacher will dismiss your row.

8. If you are absent please pick-up your work from the make-up work center, it is your responsibility! Bathroom Procedures:
  • Students’ have ample opportunities for bathroom breaks, please take advantage of the times.
  • During class, a bathroom break will be issued only in the case of an emergency (medical condition, an accident, urgency etc.)
  • 10/10 Rule: During the first and last 10 minutes of class students may not leave.

Exception: If a student is called to the office, he/she may leave with agenda signed.

 Fire Drill Procedures:

1. Leave everything on your desks.

2. Walk out of the classroom and building using the designated exit.  NO RUNNING OR PUSHING.

3. Meet the teacher at the designated area.

4. Line-up in a single file.

5. Return to your classroom without running when directed.

Please take the time to read over the classroom expectations for math.  These expectations and policies are vital to a successful classroom environment.  If you would like to contact me please call (393 - 2548) or email at (

Thank you – Mrs. Green    


Supplies for Mrs. Green’s 6th Grade Math Class   


·        Pencils !!! (mechanical or regular)

·        1 Folder with pockets

·        Lined paper (loose leaf, at least one pack)



·        One basic calculator

·        Graph paper

·        Color pencils or crayons or markers

·        Small pencil sharpener