Math News Letter

Math Homework     

                Math homework is everyday except most Fridays or the last day of the week.  Homework counts for half the report card grade in math.  We cover so many skills in 5th grade that students need the extra practice that the homework gives in order to master those skills.  We use the homework the next day for review of the skill as we check it.  Students who do not have their homework cannot participate in the discussion but can only observe.  Parents, if you check over your child math homework and sign it, 5 points are added to their homework grade for that day.  The Everyday Math Study Link, which most of the homework is from, should be kept at home and the assigned pages be torn out, completed, and sent to school.

 Math Boxes     

                  Math Box pages 84 – 181 are due by November 30. Math Box pages are worth two test grades for each quarter.   Students may bring their Math Journals home to work on their Math Box pages, but they must make certain they bring their Math Journals to school each day to do their class work in class.  Students, who complete their Math Box pages (Do not tear out the Math Box pages from the Journal books. The Students will turn in their whole Math Journal) and turn them in early, will receive bonus points on their Math Box grade for that quarter. Math Boxes are used for students to practice the skills they already know, practice the skills they have just learned, and to attempt to do skills they have not covered yet.  The teacher uses the Math Boxes to observe if student have mastered the skills they should already know, if students have developed in the skills they are learning, and how much of the new skills we will cover that they already know.

Math Test

                      Math test is every Friday or the last day of the school week.  The math test will cover the skills we covered for that week and past skills.  The math test is made up of mostly multiple-choice type questions (Student must work problems out on test.) with some higher-level skill questions.  This will prepare students for T-CAP.  If students correct the problems they missed on test and a parent signs the test indicating it has been corrected, the students will get up to five points added to their test score.