Essential Questions: Social Studies and Science

Each 2nd grade unit we will cover  in Social Studies and Science has an "essential question" that parents can help support by including related ideas in activities and conversations with their children throughout the year.

Social Studies:

Unit 1: How does geography influence where people choose to live and why?

Unit 2: How and why did New York City change over time?

Unit 3: Why and how do communities develop differently?

Unit 4: What is the relationship between local government and the community?


Introductory Question: How can kids be scientists?

Unit 1: Exploring Earth's Surface:
Why do some rocks have odd shapes?

Unit 2: Natural Resources:
What natural resources do people use every day?

Unit 3: Motion:
What makes things move?

Unit 4: Living and Non-Living Things:
How do you know whether something is living or non-living?

Unit 5: Plants:
What will happen to seeds after they reach the ground?

Unit 6: Weather
How do people know what the weather is going to be?