Some Basic Grammar Required for Second Grade:

Singular nouns and plural nouns:
Nouns are words that represent a person, place or thing.
A noun that describes only one thing
is a singular noun.
examples: book, dish
A noun that describes more than one
thing is a plural noun.
Most singular nouns can be made plural
by just adding an s to the end.
(books, cats)
Nouns ending in x, z, s, sh and ch form the
plural by adding an es to the end.
(church, churches)
Nouns that end in y drop the y at the end and add ies.
(baby, babies)
Statements tell you something. They end with a period. (.)
Questions ask something. They end with a question mark. (?)
Exclamations are sentences that show excitement. They end with an exclamation point. (!)
Sentences must begin with a capital letter, and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point.