Informational Writing Checklist

Informational Writing Checklist

Grade 2

I will grade each characteristic below as either, "Yes", "Starting to", or "Not Yet".  For maximum credit, each feature needs to be clearly evident throughout the piece, and I would like to see extra effort in using various text features and class strategies.  Work should be presented neatly and cleanly, and be ready to hand in on November 27.  Please do review this checklist with your child along with their piece before they are sure that they are ready to hand it in to obtain best results.



I taught readers some important points about a subject.  (*Please use non-fiction text features throughout your published piece)


I wrote a beginning in which I named a subject and tried to interest readers.


I used words like "such as" and and "also" to show I had more to say. Try using more
transitions from the transition words page I gave you during the last unit.

I wrote some sentences or a section at the end to wrap up my piece.


My writing had different parts. Each part told different information about the topic.



I used different kinds of information in my writing such as facts, definitions, details,

steps, and tips


I tried to include the words that showed I’m an expert on the topic. 

Language Conventions:


I used what I knew about spelling patterns (tion, er, ly, etc.) to spell a word. 

I spelled all of the word wall words correctly and used the word wall to help me figure

out how to spell other words.


I used quotation marks to show what characters said.

When I used words such as can’t and don’t, I put in the apostrophe.