Classroom Expectations and Procedures

 Classroom Procedures and Expectations


I’m excited to have to you in my class this year! The following information will help you be successful in my class. I want to instill _responsibility, accountability, and a positive attitude in all my students.


Mrs. Hale 



Come prepared…..You will be required to bring your agenda , pencil, a pocket folder, a 70 page spiral notebook aka Learning Log, and a silent reading book every day to class.  When you enter Room B5….Þ Go directly to your seat.Þ Read the directions on the whiteboard.Þ When Mrs. Hale tells you to do so, turn in any homework.Þ Get out the materials  you will need for class that are listed.Þ Write your assignment in your agenda.Þ Put your backpack  against the wall.Þ Begin your energizers, otherwise known as bell work. Getting out of your seat….As long as I’m not teaching in front of the class, you do not need permission to sharpen your pencil or get a tissue.


 Off Limits Areas:Þ Mrs. Hale’s deskÞ Mrs. Hale’s IpodÞ Mrs. Hale’s computerÞ Other people’s stuff 3 Strikes……If you are doing anything to interfere with your learning, the learning of others, or my ability to teach you will be given a “strike”.  If you get 3 strikes within a class period, you will receive a referral.  You may also be asked to answer 10 Effective Questions about your behavior in order to reflect upon and avoid any future incidents. When the dismissal bell rings….Please stay in your seats until I dismiss you. Check to be sure you take all your belongings with you.   


Fire Drills……..When the fire alarm sounds, you are to get up in an orderlymanner and walk out the door to the back bus gate.  Please stay together as a group and go around the bus loop to the side closest to Kortsen Road. Line up in 2_ lines; 1 boys’ line and 1 girls’ line and wait for me to take attendance.  This is a serious situation since we never know if it is just a drill or the real thing.  Safety is my #1 concern! Lockdowns…….

When a lockdown is announced, I will tell you exactly what to do.  Please stay calm and quiet and follow my directions.  Anyone not taking this seriously could receive a referral.

   Assignments…... Anything not finished in class is considered  homework  and is due in the homework tray the following day at the beginning  of class! It is your responsibility to write down the assignment written on the  whiteboard  in your agenda.  NO late work will be accepted more than 1 day after it is due.  Students are responsible for making sure they get any assignments they missed  and will have one day for each absent day to make it up. If you miss 3 or more assignments within a week, you will receive a referral. No assignment will be accepted without a proper heading that includes your name, date and period.  Also, I expect correct capitalization (beginning of the sentence , the letter “_I_”, and proper nouns) and punctuation, or it will be given back for you to correct.   Progress Reports/PASS……   Progress reports go home every  3 weeks.  If you are receiving a D or F, your parent signature will be required. Parents can also check the PASS program - which will be updated weekly. Parents,          The best way to communicate is through email.  I will respond to your email the same day I receive it.  You may also call the school at 421-3330 and leave a message.            Please sign below to indicate that you have read my classroom procedures and expectations.          Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.  I look forward to a great year!  Mrs. Jennifer