Whew! So many things happening at the end of the 9 weeks! This week we have some pretty important dates/tests coming up. The students are working hard on their science fair projects, Explorer projects, published products, and their Write Score tests! 

I am so proud of how much they have accomplished this year. This week, we are retesting on our ISIP (istation), ask your students about their scores! 

For reading, we are working in our Florida Ready Books learning about connections and relationships in literature. This is a repeat standard for us, so no quiz! 

For language, we just finished up our L1.1 standard, and have a test on Friday for it. No worries, a study guide will be coming home! 

For Social Studies, we're still learning about explorers and working diligently on our project. Next week, the students will have time in class to work on their projects! 

Upcoming events: October 12th and 13th - Unit 2 Test, October 14th - practice on FSA computer, October 12th - Science Fair Projects due, October 14th - Explorer Projects due. 

Check back next week for more exciting updates!


WOW! What an amazing first week of school. Sorry it's taken me so long to update my webpage, but we've been so busy in class! 

The first three days were spent getting to know each other. We also took a reading test to see where the students are in their reading journey. Great job staying focused!

We played Homeworkopoly for those students whose agendas were signed. And man, HOW FUN! 

This week we are working in our Florida Ready Books learning about connections and relationships in informational text. We even made an anchor chart about it today! Ask your kids about a famous historical figure and the connection or relationship they had on the world. 

We're also learning about coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. We'll have a short quiz on Friday! 

In Social Studies, we're learning about maps. The kids will make their own maps of the school to give to Kindergarten students. 

Don't forget to sign agenda books!!

With love,

Mrs. Haley