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5th Grade CA Math Standards

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Envision Math Games

Multiplication/ Division 

DecimalsFractionsMeasurementGeometryPlace ValueGraphing  & Coordinates

Mental Math Drills

Comparing Fractions & Decimals 

Adding  Fractions 

Length-   US Standard Units 

 Angles Place Value Quiz Grid Game
Moon Math 

Matching Fractions

& Decimals 

Fraction Frenzy

Measuring Using Inches (to 1/4)  Alien Angles Place Value Practice

 Transformation-Golf Coordinates

Long Division Lesson 

 Rounding  Decimals

Comparing Fractions  Measuring Using Inches (to 1/8)Golf Place Value Game Billy-Bug Coordinates 

 Late Delivery

 Rounding to Tenths

 Equivalent Fractions What's My Angle?  Dino-Dig Coordinates 
 Percent ShoppingDecimal Jeopardy Understanding Fractions  Triangle Calculations  Locate the Aliens 
 Prime Factors Find Place Value of DecimalsVisualizing Fractions  Shape Surveyor  Space Boy 
Mean, Median, Mode Addition of Decimals   Virtual  Tangrams   Mean, Median, Mode
Wolf & Rabbit Subtraction of Decimals   Geometry Flashcards  Create a Pie Graph 
 Basket Math-Order of OperationsRailroad Repair     Create a Bar Graph 
 Positive/ Negative Numbers Place Value of Decimals     Create a Line Graph
  Decimal Games           Data Pick
       Data & Graphing

More Math Links

 RoundingProblem Solving Estimation/ Probability  General Games Practice Tests  Extra Practice
 Rounding Flashcards Rocket MathFish Tank  Math Frog GamesHM Test Prep  More interactive practice
 ConcentrationPattern Blocks  Estimating to Nearest Thousand McGraw-Hill Games  
Matching Towers of Hanoi  Virtual Manipulatives   
Rounding Off Pentominoes     
 Mystery Math