Impact on Student Success

New Strategy Implemented:

This year was full of trying new things with technology and in the classroom. Many of my students were struggling to complete assignments while they were on their virtual days. They needed help and if I was teaching the in-person cohort they were not able to get the help they needed until later in the afternoon. I decided that this was not the most beneficial way to reach my students. After speaking with our SAI teacher, I decided try hyflex teaching. This allowed me to teach all students at the same time and provide help on the spot. I had my students at home zooming with me from 8:30am until lunch. During this time we covered ELA and math. This teaching style allowed me to reach more students and I could teach content 5 days instead of 2 days in person. Two things happened during this time; I had more students participating on line and in class and I had more students turning in assignments. It was a game changer in my classroom. More students were completing their assignments and the ones that were struggling were getting the help they needed when they needed it. More of my students we able to be successful. I do hope that I won't need to use this strategy next year, but I have it there when needed.


Statements from Educational Leaders:

"You always come up with new ways to help your students succeed. If something you are doing isn't working you ask for guidance and make the necessary changes." - Leah Paddack (6th grade lead teacher)