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Welcome to Mrs. Hardwick's classroom website. This will be your go-to place to find all the information about your child's classroom. 


  • As most of you know, I am pregnant with my first child. I am past the 37 week mark, which means that I could be going out for maternity leave any day now! I am so excited! With that being said, while I am out for maternity leave, I will not be keeping up with the class website, or the classroom Remind 101 app. There will be a highly qualified long term substitute taking care of things when I am outside of the classroom. However, she will not be taking over the website or the Remind 101 app., since both of these are extras that I provide to my students. She will have her own outlets to be contacted through, and that information will get to you all shortly. Going forward, the website is not going to be active as of 11/27/17. However, the Remind 101 app. will remain active until I am officially on leave. I ask that you remind your children to make sure that they are copying their homework at school and keeping up with their information.  I ask for understanding and patience as I prepare for the birth of my first child. Thank you all for your understanding! 

Weekly LearningTargets! 

This is where you can find all of the information about what your child will be learning each week. These learning targets are a reflection of what is expected of your child each week through their learning process. 

This Week's Learning Targets




Social Studies 




Weekly Homework and Tests! 

Remember.... no homework = no recess! NO EXCEPTIONS! It is your child's responsibility to bring home all required materials needed to complete homework assignments each and every night. I do not have extra copies with me at home to share with you in case your child forgets. 

Weekly Forecast








Friday/ Weekly Tests & Quizzes 


Need Extra Practice?

Below are links and webpages that will help your child practice skills at home outside of what is given for homework. If your child needds extra help, please view these links that are a combination of videos, games, and online interactive quizzes. The links are a combination of new material and review materials. 

Practice Corner
Math (Parents guide to third grade math) (Standardized test practice) (Rounding game) (Word problem practice by level) (Place value interactives) (Place value game) (Bar and Picture graph video) (Creating a scaled bar graph) (Reading a picture graph) (Rounding to the tens video) (Rounding to the hundreds video) (Estimation video) (Break apart strategy video) (Addition and Subtraction strategies practice) (Equal groups and multiplication video) (Equal groups word problem practice) (Making equal groups) (Introduction to arrays) (Arrays and Repeated addition) (Multiplication mashup memorization song) (Multiplication games) (Downloadable/printable flashcards for multiplication) (Online flashcards) (How to make a Line Plot) (Measuring to the nearest inch) (Using multiplication for division) (Multiplication and division relationship) (Unknown factors in word problems practice) (Multiplication and division personalized practice) (Distributive property explained) (Distributive property using the break apart strategy) (the associative property explained) (the communitive property explained) (the identity property explained) (Multiplying one digit numbers by multiples of 10) (Multiplying one digit nummbers by multiples of 10 video 2) (Multiplying one digit numbers by multiples of 10 video 3) (Answering 2 step word problems practice video) (how to break down 2 step word problems)   

Grammar (Simple and compound sentences video) (Complex sentence video) (Simple, compound, complex sentence online quiz) (Capitalization and Punctuation video) (FANBOYS conjunctions video) (Subordinating conjunctions video) (4 Types of Sentences video) (Capitalization and punctuation games) (Grammar practice) (Grammar and Punctuation practice) (Singular and Plural nouns) (concrete and abstract noun game) (All about nouns game) (nouns vs. verbs game) (Identifying verbs in a sentance game) (identifying verb practice) (possessive nouns) (plural possessive nouns) (meet the comma) (when and how to use commas) (Possessive noun interactive quiz) (commas in a series interactive quiz) (commas in dates quiz) 

Writing (Opinion writing video 1) (opinion writing video 2) (Opinion writing video 3) (Opinion writing video 4) (Opinion writing video 5) (Opinion writing video 6) (Informational essay intro) (Informational essay vodeo 1) (informational essay video 2) (informational essay video 3) (inforamtional essay video 4) (informational essay video 5) (informational video 6)

Reading (Text features video) (Text features online flashcards) (Writing a summary video) (Describing characters videos) (Making connections in reading video) (Reading commprehension, spelling, and grammar practice) (Reading Skill Builders) (Reading comprehension practice) (Online reading and answering questions practice) (Point of View video) (Cause and Effect) (Cause and Effect practice) (sequencing practice game) (sequencing practice game 2) (Compare and contrast practice) (compare and contrast game) (Figuritive vs. Literal language video) (Authors purpose video) (Idioms video) (popular idioms for kids) (all about character traits) (5 Character traits) (Elements of a short story) (Identifying the main idea) (How to write about the main idea) 

Social Studies (5 major rivers video) (5 major rivers and 2 mountain ranges flashcards) (Cardinal directions) (Map games for kids) (7 continents interactive webpage) (7 continents funny video) (Cardinal and intermediate direction interactives) (5 oceans online quiz) (5 oceans online quiz 2) (13 colonies interactive map) (13 colonies quiz style map) (13 colonies online location quiz) (latitude and longitude One Direction song) (Latitude and longitude, Primme Meridian, Equator, Hemishpheres video) (Native American Houses) (Native American Clothing) (Native American Food and Agriculture) (Native American Social Structure) (Native American Vocabulary)   

Artic Indians-

Great Plains-


Northwest coast-

Southeast- (The three G's of exploration) (reasons for exploration) (how and why explorers came) (The explorers flashcards) (Links to famous explorers) 

Science (Thermometer practice game) (Thermometer practice quiz) (Heat energy video) (Sources of heat energy video) (Conductors and Insulators) (sources of heat energy slideshare) (heat lessons online) (Thermal energy interactive game) (Thermal energy video) (Transfer of thermal energy video)  (Rocks and Minerals explore) (Exploring rocks and minerals) (facts about rocks and minerals) (Rocks and minerals flashcards)  

District Calendar! 

Please view the below link to look at the 2017-2018 district calendar. This will let you know what days we have breaks, half days, and other important events. 

School News!