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Classroom ProceeduresBeginning the Day

When entering the classroom, first put away your coat, book-bag, snack and lunch. Then turn your homework in the homework basket, and start you morning seat-work.

Entering and Leaving the Room

Enter and exit the classroom quietly. If you are coming in late or leaving early, do not disturb the other students. This procedure will be used for all situations throughout the school day.

Using the Restroom

One student at a time my use the lavatory pass. They must return with the pass within four minutes or they will lose the privilege of going to the lavatory freely.

Fire Drill

When you hear the alarm, stop what you are doing, leave everything, and quietly walk directly to the door. The first person takes the fire drill packet while the second person holds the door open for the rest of the class. The last student closes the door and gets into line. Once outside, everyone is expected to stand quietly and wait for the announcement to come back into the building.

Lining Up

Wait until you or your group is called, then quietly stand up, push in your chair, and line up facing forward. Bring all the necessary items you may need with you.

Ending the Day

Clear off your desk, place papers to go home in your homework folder and wait to be called. Once you are called then gather your belongings, stack your chair, quietly sit on the carpet and wait to be dismissed.

Homework projects

For the month of December we will be studing a unit called Christmas around the world. The students are paired up into teams and each team will be responsible for researching and presenting their assigned countries traditions. There will be 36 countries that we will study and as many as two or three presentations a day. Please be prepared with your country on your assigned day.

Upcoming events

Break starts Friday, December 14th! Enjoy your long holiday and see you on Wednesday, January 9th.

Scheduled visitors

Thank you to Mrs. Cuellar and Mrs. Alvarez for helping in the classroom this month. I am always looking for parent volunteers. Please let me know if you are available.


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