Typical Day in Room 8

A “Typical” Day in Room 8
8:10- 8:40             Opening assignment, Journal, DLR, collect homework
8:40-10:10             Open Court/ Language Arts
10:10-10:25            Recess
10:25-11:45            Math Exchange
11:45-12:00            Novel/Writing/Spelling
12:00-12:45           Lunch
12:45-1:00             SSR (Silent, sustained reading)
1:00-2:15               Writing/ Social Studies or Science/Projects
2:15-2:25              Assign homework, planning sheet, clean up and pack up
P.E., Library and Art Schedule
P.E.: Tuesdays and Friday -9:00-9:45
Library: Wednesday- 9:35- 10:05
Art: Mondays- 9/27, 10/18, 11/29, 1/3, 1/24, 2/14, 3/14, 4/4

Unit 1: Cooperation and Competition (September- October)

Literature:  The Sign of the Beaver
Science:  Chapter 1 -Structure of Living Things (cells, etc.) & Chapter 2- Plant Structures and Functions (plant systems, etc.)
Writing:  Beginning Writing Process/ review and create journal connected to novel
Social Studies:  Native Peoples of North America
Unit 2: Astronomy (October- December)
Literature:  A Wrinkle in Time
Science:  Chapter 3- Human Body Systems
Writing:  Explorer’s Research Report/ misc. in class writing assignments
Social Studies: Exploration and Colonization
Field Trip: Mission to Mars- Discovery Museum
Unit 3: Heritage  (December- February)
Literature: Journey to Topaz
Science: Chapter 4- Earth’s Water & Chapter 5- Earth’s Weather
Writing: Heritage Report with Family Tree
Social Studies:  The English Establish 13 Colonies
Unit 4: Making a New Nation (February- April)
Literature: My Brother Sam is Dead
Science:  Chapter 6- The Solar System & Chapter 7- Types of Matter
Writing: Elements Report
Social Studies: The Struggles for North America and a New Nation
Field Trip:  IMAX Theatre- The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Unit 5:  Going West    (April- June)
Literature: Tuck Everlasting
Science: Chapter 8- Changes in Matter
Writing: State Report
Social Studies: The Nation Expands and the American People- Then and Now
Fieldtrips: River Cats game and skating rink for end of year party