Featured Student

 I would like to do a movie report about two movies that I saw over the break.The first one is called Tangled.It was really funny and tha animation wwas amazing.I would reccommend it to someone of any age! (It is rated PG) The next movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.The movie was kind of gory in a kind of scary/kind of funny way.At some times there was some dark humor but nothing too bad.It was rated PG-13 and I reccommend it to anyone 10 and up!  By Olivia

 www.freerice.com.This is a trivia website where you can choose your subject and every question you awnser correctly a grain of rice is added to your bowl.When you get up to one hundred grains of rice then you choose a new subject and start over.This website sends bags of rice to the people in Haiti and Chile and China for the people that are in need of free food. By Olivia.

My name is Alexandria and I am here to talk about what we are doing in room 8.This month what we were doing is a science projecton bread.We have 5 groups and so does the animal kingdom.Each group got a name from the animal kingdom,so group 2 got Class.But now we have sample breads which are white,wheat and sourdough,because we wanted to see if we could grow mold.I know it grows but it if kind of cool.Thank you for reading and have a great day.By Alexandria


Guess Who?? My birthday is May 25,2000. I have light brown hair. I'm in group 1. My favorite color is baby blue. My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite flower is a rose. My favorite month is May. Now guess who?? by Raven See homework tab for the answer.