Reading Theme 1

Theme 1: Journeys





Story structure

read a magazine article

Base words and endings

-er and -est

/a/, /a/, /e/, /e/


meaning words

news article

Kinds of sentences




Author’s Viewpoint

read a haiku

Suffixes –ly and -y

/i/, /i/, /o/, /o/

Alphabetical order in a dictionary

Response journal entry

Subjects and predicates




Text organization

read a map


/u/, /yoo/, /oo/

Using a thesaurus

Answering questions

compound sentences



Noting details

how to outline

Word roots tele, rupt


Dictionary guide words

Friendly letter

Common nouns


Story 1-Akiak by Robert Blake

Summary: This is ten year old lead dog Akiak's last chance to win the Iditarod. When Akiak hurts her paw, she must be removed from the race. Akiak sets out on her own, catches up to her team, and shows them the way!



Story 2-Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say

Summary: The author and narrator, Allen Say, tells about the journey his grandfather made to America. Mr. Say shares what his grandfather experienced and how his grandfather felt about leaving his homeland.



Story 3-Finding the Titanic by Robert D. Ballard

Summary: The story begins in 1985 and describes the discovery of the most famous shipwreck of all time, the Titanic. During the search, the author thinks about the year 1912 and tells the story of one of the survivors, Ruth Becker, who was traveling to America with her mother and younger brother.


Story 4-By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Summary: Mrs. Ingalls and her four daughters are taking their first train trip. They are leaving their farm and heading west to meet Mr. Ingalls and settle on their new homestead. Laura, the second oldest, spends much of the journey describing the train, countryside, and other passengers to Mary, the oldest child. Mary lost her sight after being very sick with scarlet fever.