Reading Theme 2

Theme 2: American Stories





Sequence of events

read a soc stud. Article


/ou/ and /ô/



Proper nouns



Making inferences

read instructions

word roots sign and spect

/oo/ and /oo/

Dictionary entry words

Character sketch

Singular and plural nouns



making generalizations

read song lyrics

Suffixes –er, -or, and -ist

/îr/, /är/, and /âr/

Using context

Business letter

More plural nouns



Categorize and classify

read a newspaper article


/ôr/, /ûr/, and /yoor/

Multiple-meaning words

Journal writing

Singular and plural possessive nouns

Story 1-Tomas and the Library Lady

Summary: Tomas and his family go to Iowa for the summer to pick fruit. Tomas' grandfather, Papa Grande, tells stories to the family. Papa Grande sends Tomas to the library to find more stories. Tomas meets the library lady. She helps Tomas find books about tigers and dinosaurs. At the end of the summer, Tomas has to go back to Texas.

Story 2-Tanya's Reunion by Valerie Flournoy

Summary: Tanya's grandma is going to the family farm early to help plan the family reunion. She asks Tanya to go with her. Tanya is excited to see the farm and spend time with Grandma. When they get there, the farm is run-down and Tanya feels lonely because Grandma is busy getting things ready. One day Grandma talks to Tanya about how special the farm is to her and the rest of the family, and how Tanya is an important part of the family. Tanya's attitude changes, and she starts helping out and enjoying her visit.

Story 3-Boss of the Plains, by Laurie Carlson

Summary: John Stetson made fancy hats just like everyone else in his family.They owned a hat shop in New Jersey. The 1840s were a great time tobe in the hat business because everyone wore hats back then. It was agood life, but young John dreamed about going west.Before long, John couldn’t make hats fast enough. His creation wasjust what Westerners were looking for in a hat. The Boss of the Plainswas well on its way to becoming an American legend!

Story 4-A Very Important Day by Maggie Rugg Herold

Summary: The story follows the day of several immigrant families who are becoming citizens of the United States.




Summary: Aesop is famous for writing hundreds of fables. In his stories an important life lesson is learned by the characters. Many cultures around the world have also provided fables to teach generations of children.



Genre: Fables

A fable is a short tale that includes a moral or lesson. Characters are usually animals that talk and act like humans, but keep their animal traits.

Story Skill: Themes, Morals, and Lessons

A story's theme is the author's message about a topic. A theme is a combination of a "big idea" and what is said about that idea. Examples of a "big idea" would be friendship, family, courage, etc. To fully explain a theme you need a theme statement. This statement explains what the author is trying to say about the "big idea", such as courage is not being without fear, but is in facing your fear.