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Theme 3: That's Amazing





Noting details

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Compound words

Compound words



Action verbs



Compare and contrast

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Suffix  -able

Final /?r/, /l/, /?l/


tion key in dictionary


Main verbs/ helping verbs



Fantasy and Realism

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Words with

-ed or -ing

Words with

-ed or -ing

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Future Tenses


Story 1-The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg

The StrangerSummary: Late one summer, Farmer Bailey has an accident. Driving along in his truck, he hits a man dressed in an unusual suit of leather. The farmer brings the stunned and confused (but otherwise unharmed) fellow back with him to his home. Farmer Bailey's wife and daughter welcome the stranger. The doctor comes and tells the Baileys that the man has temporarily lost his memory but will probably be fine in a few days. The man stays on and becomes a part of the family in spite of his odd ways: wild animals are not afraid of him and he can work all day without sweating or tiring.

Story 2- CendrillionCendrillon by Robert D. San Souci

Summary: Cendrillon is a Caribbean Cinderella story, told from the godmother's, or Nannin's point of view. Nannin' is left a magic wand by her mother. She may only use the want to help someone she loves. Years later, her goddaughter, Cendrillon, want to go to the ball, but does not have the proper attire. Nannin' uses her want to make a carriage, horses, and a dress for Cendrillon. Together they go to the ball. Cendrillon dances with the prince, Paul, but must leave before midnight. As Cendrillon runs out of the ball she loses one of her slippers. Paul wants to find her and decides to marry the woman whose foot fits in the slipper. Cendrillon tries on the slipper, it fits, and she marries Paul.

Story 3-Heat Wave! by Helen Ketterman

Summary: The story takes place on a farm that has been hit by a heat wave. Amazing changes happen on the farm due to the heat wave and it is up to the farmer's daughter to save the day.